Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1Can you pack and ship my campaign to my retailers or distributors?
Yes, we can pack all of your items together and ship to as many destinations as you need. We will review your list and start shipping to the destinations that are the farthest away first. Ground shipments arrive the next day to many CA destinations. Logistics are one of our core strengths. We know that many marketing opportunities are time sensitive, especially when planned around an event. We will get your campaigns delivered on time.
2How quickly can we produce your job?
Just ask us! We are incredibly responsive. PDF proofs are almost always sent the same day as the art is received. Most of the time we are on press the day after the proofs are approved. We can often ship the same day as the order is placed. Again, just ask us.
3What file types to you accept?
We will work with just about anything you give us. The best format for anything is a high resolution PDF. Packaged InDesign files and Illustrator files are great too.
4Can you make changes to my PDF files?
Yes we can. Our advanced toolset allows us to edit just about anything. We can also make layout and design improvements when needed.
5Are my files secure?
Yes! Your files are very secure. We protect the privacy of your data and your club members with robust internal procedures and internet security. We are also HIPAA compliant and can handle sensitive medical information and protected health information.
6Can I order online?
We do not have a portal for online ordering. Email us your files and details. We know what things are supposed to look like and will make sure that your final printed piece is what you intended it to be.
7Do you have mailing services?
Yes, we can mail invitations for an exclusive event, or a direct mail marketing campaign to thousands of addresses. We’ll process your list to get you the very best postage cost, standard or first class.
8Is the internet making print obsolete?
Absolutely not. Print and web leverage each other. The most successful online retailers almost all produce a catalog. Printed materials drive consumers to your website.