HIPAA Compliant Printing for Healthcare – Why it’s Important

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HIPAA Compliant Printing for Healthcare - Why it's Important

You likely already know that HIPAA compliance is important and that violating a patient’s right to privacy can have serious consequences (this relates to printing as well).  But do you know the reasons why it is important and more specifically why it is important for medical printing and printed patient communication?

Let’s explore a number of different types of printed patient documentation that lead you to needing a HIPAA compliant print company and walk through a couple of the reasons why it’s important for your print partner to be in compliance.

Types of Documents that Require HIPAA Compliance

There are a number of different types of documents that contain sensitive patient information that require the print company to follow HIPAA regulations.  Below are a few examples of these printed documents. 

  • Explanation of Healthcare Benefits
  • Patient bills, invoices and statements
  • Coverage Explanation Letters
  • Billing Statement Inserts
  • Physician and Patient Mailers
  • Letters and notices to Patients

While this is not an exhaustive list it serves as a good example of the most common printed patient documentation making it important for a printer to be in compliance with HIPAA.

Why HIPAA Compliance is Important for Print Companies

More specifically than just stating, “because it’s the law” and “it secures patient data” here are a couple of the most important reasons it is critical for the print company you work with to be in compliance with the HIPAA regulations.

Identity Theft

Identity theft has increased significantly and continues to rise. Sensitive and personal medical information obtained from patient and customer communications can be used to create fraudulent billings, manipulate the use of government programs, obtain illegal services, apply for credit cards and more. It’s not just about protecting the patient’s medical history but also shields them from devastating legal or financial issues.


Not only can you as a provider be fined if you are out of compliance, but your hospital can be fined who then may choose to sue you and if your printing company is out of compliance they could be fined which would trigger another fine for you as a health professional who hired the print company. This cycle can go round and round which would have a massive financial impact on your practice, facility or hospital.

We hope this gives you greater clarity as to why it’s important to work with a HIPAA compliance print company. If you have other questions or want to learn more about HIPAA compliance as it relates to printing patient communications please contact us today.

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