COVID Hand Sanitizer Station
May 17, 2021

COVID Washable Menus

Ensure Your Customers Have a Safe and Engaging Menu Experience!

The People Have Spoken and Customers Want Their Menus.

While we've seen an increase in the use of digital menus many customers are asking for and expecting to see their physical menus back at their favorite restaurants. To ensure you can meet their expectations while providing a safe, clean and sanitized experience we've created a washable menu option that is waterproof durable and hygienic.

Washable Laminated Menu Benefits and Menu Types:

  • Keep Customers Safe & Menus Sanitized
  • Longer Lasting Menus
  • Engage Your Customers with Unique Menu Designs
  • Washable Menus for Restaurants
  • Washable Menus for Bars
  • Washable Menus for Coffee Shops
  • Washable Menus for Bakeries


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