Types of Custom Wine Labels

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Types of Custom Wine Labels

Custom wine labels are a vital component of how a customer views the product and decides which bottles to purchase. Wine label design is a priority for increasing interest in the product and growing annual sales. When it comes to wine sales, the competition is different from beer sales because the price of a wine bottle ranges from less than $5 to around $150K (or more)! The right label design can compel people to spend more money on a bottle. Some people even argue that a nice label or fun wine labels result in the public enjoying the wine more than other bottles.

What will your wine label design look like? Whether you are creating a gift wine label for a corporate event, or a label run of many thousands, let’s look at different wine label designs to help you make a final decision.

Traditional Wine Labels

In general, classic wine label designs are designed and placed on wines from classic wine growing regions. Some examples include Bordeaux and Burgundy, France, Piedmont, Italy, and Napa, California. Wine lovers can expect the products from these regions to use traditional winemaking techniques such as blending wines and the aging of the wine in oak. Winemaking tradition plays an important role in setting the price of wines. In the case of a more traditional winery, the prices are expected to be higher than other bottles.

Vintage labels are often made with typography that mimics the look of handwriting with the text located around or beneath an (often hand-drawn) picture. There isn’t much negative space in the background thanks to the abundance of information found on the label. Labels that are considered to be “old timey” imply there is something handcrafted about the wine inside in the bottle.

Fun & Quirky Wine Labels

Fun wine labels are the opposite of traditional wine labels. They often feature animated drawings, splashes of color and even hand-drawn type of fonts.  This label type is commonly found in regions that promote the act of drinking with friends as much as the wine itself. These light-hearted labels, found everywhere from southern France to Australia, are placed on wines that are affordable and easy to drink.

Modern Wine Labels

Wine lovers look to Spain and Australia for some of the most eye-catching modern wine labels. These labels imply that the wine inside is less traditional and more of a unique variety (Mourvèdre) or a unique style (Vin Gris). A modern wine label design gets the attention of the public because they often do not overwhelm shoppers with complicated designs and foreign names. Instead, modern wine labels often feature asymmetrical shapes, artistic graphics, and contemporary fonts. 

Minimalist Wine Labels

Minimalism remains a very popular design trend and it ranges from popularity in interior design to basic packaging that lacks branding. Minimalist wine labels have a reduced number of printed graphics and text as well as reduced label sizes and shapes. When looking for a popular example, think of the Saramago wine label design which is essentially four dots and the brand name. The simplicity of the design is what makes it stand out as being unique in appearance.

Baldwin Press is a trusted expert in wine label printing.  When it comes time to produce your custom wine labels, let us help. 

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