Companies may be hesitant to advertise using print products with digital advertisements so easily accessible. However, it is still important for businesses to advertise using print services. Why? Print and online advertisements compliment each other. Even the most successful online retailers almost all produce a catalog. Printed materials drive consumers to your website.

Print marketing also provides a tangible way for your customers to interact with and remember your brand. Whereas an online advertisement can only be seen, physical print in the mail can be seen and touched. Because of this, it is important to ensure that your print materials have great quality and are visually appealing and memorable. The quality of the printed piece speaks to the quality of your business.

Print marketing also has a higher response rate. Because people are constantly seeing cluttered advertisements on their computers and phones, print marketing stands out a little bit more in a digital world. On some platforms, users even have the option to skip advertisements. Although purchasing digital advertisements are widely used today, print advertisements can be seen as more intentional.

At Baldwin Press, we work with companies to ensure that their print products are high quality and engaging. We want your company to stand out and leave a favorable impression with your audience. By using print materials, your audience has a physical item to remember you by and an invitation to access your website to learn more about your products.

To learn more about the print services that we offer, you can view our website here. We look forward to creating with you!