Everyone knows that California is known for having a large amount of wineries and vineyards. Nicknamed the Wine Country, there is a lot of competition among those in the wine industry. Make your wine stand out with products from Baldwin Press. Our team would love the opportunity to work with you and share how our products differ from the rest. 

We love working with companies in the wine industry and have experience with clients in this field. 

For inside of your venue, we can help to create menus, business cards, flyers, large format posters, tasting notes, and more. You want the products at your winery to match the quality of your products. Your wine will make a great impression on guests, but your branding should as well. By having cohesive items around your location with your logo on it, you create lasting impressions on your visitors.

As far as marketing materials, Baldwin Press also creates case cards, door hangers, direct mailers, postcards, and more. This way, your guests will have a way to remember you when they leave. By sending marketing materials, guests will also feel encouraged to return for another memorable experience.

If you are looking to grow visitors to your vineyard or see more returning customers, we would love to hear from you. Baldwin Press will work to ensure your company’s logo,  values, and products are reflected in your paper items.

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