Direct Mail Strategies for Wine Club Marketing

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Direct Mail Strategies for Wine Club Marketing

Direct mail is one of the best ways to market your wine club whether you are looking to acquire new club members or retain existing members and keep them engaged. In this article we’ll explore several different direct mail strategies and how they can work for increasing new wine club members as well as retain & increase loyalty of your current members.

Event Invitations for Wine Club Memberships

While you likely know how effective events can be for your wine club and you’re probably already doing them, you may not realize how powerful sending direct mail invitations to your wine club events can be.

Sending current & prospective members invitations to special events will make them feel important and that they are part of something exclusive. The more unique and personalized your invitations are the more powerful they become at delivering high numbers of event attendees which gives you more opportunity to engage your existing members as well as sign up new members to your club.

These invitations can be as simple as a well branded card that includes all of the standard event details being as straightforward as possible or they can be extremely sophisticated to stick in the minds of your recipients, something like a die-cut pop-up card personalized with their name listed as the “cordially invited” attendee.

Thank You Cards for Wine Clubs

Thank you cards can go a long way in leaving a lasting impression on current members or prospective members who’ve attended an event, tasting or purchased your wine.

In fact, as it relates to purchases in general, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience, in which thank you cards play a significant role.

For current members, simply sending them a thank you card at some frequency keeps you top of mind and gives them the feeling that you care and appreciate and value their participation as a member of your wine club.

You can easily gain new members by sending thank you cards to…

  • Visitors to your winery
  • Non-members who’ve purchased your wine
  • Attendees of special events you hold

But be sure to include a call to action on your thank you cards to non-members asking them to sign up, learn more or even share a promotional offer (which we talk more on next). 

Wine Club Promotional Offers

Offering promotions for your wine club can be done for both current and prospective members, but you’ll want to do it a little differently for each.

For existing members a good promotion typically comes in the form of discounts and deals on wines or wine accessories. Things like buy one get one half off, 25% off a new wine glass & decanter set or exclusive access to new wines.

To acquire new members you can reach out to cold contacts or customers who are non-members and offer them introductory discounts on joining the club. This is typically the most effective at bringing in new members.

While there are a number of other creative ways to use direct mail for acquiring new wine club members and retaining existing members, these are just a few ways that are guaranteed to work for your club.

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