Hotel Door Hanger Designs that Work

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Hotel Door Hanger Designs that Work

There are many businesses that make use of door hangers to promote their services and specials. Unfortunately, some hotels are missing out on the opportunity to use this marketing tool. While your guests expect to see a “Hotel Do Not Disturb door hanger” sign when they arrive at their room, that doesn’t mean your choices for door hanger designs are limited! 

No matter what you want to promote or spotlight on your door hangers, you need to take a minimalist approach to your design.  A hotel door hanger needs to be easy to read without too much information that makes the design cluttered and hard to comprehend.  Take a look below for some of the items you can include on your door hangers that will make you stand out from your competition.

Take A Minimalist Approach for Door Hanger Design

When it comes to your door hanger designs, you want them to make a good impression on guests as soon as they are viewed. You can easily share your message by avoiding a cluttered design filled with convoluted copy and pointless extra frills. A minimalist approach is best as shown by the following points:

    • Fewer Things can Go Wrong – We are not trying to say that things can’t go wrong or that minimalism automatically makes designing your hotel door hanger an easy process. We are saying that a less complex design means you can dedicate more time to focusing on the essential information you want to share with the public.
    • Generally takes Less Time – Since you won’t have to check so many elements,you can spend less time on any one design component (in theory). We say “In theory” because the proper combination of design and subtlety takes time to master. Amateur designers and marketing personnel who don’t know how to objectively assess their own output might not be able to achieve this goal. In general, developing an effective minimalist door hanger design should take less time to make than a more complex design.
    • Forces You to Focus On What Matters – A minimalist design forces designers to identify their core message and what will get a response from their audience. This is difficult to do with both a minimalist brochure design and a complex design. Once you have your message set for your door hangers, a minimalist design approach is worth looking into for your other marketing materials.
    • Use the “Best-Feeling” Stock You can Afford – Minimalism does not mean using cheap materials! Web application designers often do not give much thought to the importance of the stock used for printed materials. Business owners and marketing managers worried about profits often choose the cheapest option which is not always the best choice. Using quality stock gives a better impression of your hotel and helps guests retain important information.

Include Details That Make Your Door Hangers Pop!

Many designers do not like hearing this word from clients but the call-to-action on their design should ‘”pop.” The call-to-action does not have to include any copy that says “call now.” It could be an image or contact details which are easier to include on a minimalist design.  A call-to-action increases the conversion rate for door hangers.

To make your door hangers stand out, here are some items you might want to include: 

  • Food and Service Menus – You can use one side of your hotel room door hangers to display your restaurant menu or you can print door hangers that exclusively feature food and service menus. You can also order door hangers with perforations in order to include hotel business cards or promotional coupons.  As another alternative, include a QR code that links to a digital food/service menu.  
  • Multilingual Copy and Image Only Designs – If your hotel has foreign guests with a limited grasp of English, using a multilingual copy design can improve your quality of service. Besides translating standard door hanger copy such as “Do Not Disturb” or “Please Clean My Room Now”, you can also include translations of key phrases such as “Where can I find a taxi?” or “I’ve lost my key”. The language barrier can be overcome by using images to convey the meaning of the door hanger. Make sure these images are clearly understood at first glance so there is no room for misinterpretation!
  • Unique Service Suggestions/Promotions – Instead of using common door hanger messages, use your creativity to create a unique Hotel Do Not Disturb Door Hanger. Instead of saying “Do Not Disturb”, use the phrase “Please let me sleep” instead. 

A compelling design can turn your door hangers into potential souvenirs! When you are ready to print your door hangers, Baldwin Printing can help.

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