How to Create Compelling Hotel Brochures

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June 15, 2022
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July 15, 2022

How to Create Compelling Hotel Brochures

Hotel brochures are more than a throwaway item that might be viewed by guests. Proper brochure branding can achieve your sales goals. With compelling and informative hotel brochures, you can highlight your promotional packages, sell more vacations, book more tours and create more revenue for your hotel. Your hotel brochures can also help you stop worrying about your off-season. They allow you to promote and sell your hotel any time of the year by letting people see the full range of amenities and luxury services you provide. 

When you are ready to work on your next hotel brochure design, use the tips below to increase their effectiveness in promoting your hotel.

<h2>A Minimalist Brochure Design is Faster to Finish</h2>

One of the ideas behind a minimalist design is the fact that having fewer elements makes the design easier to work on and finish. The lack of complex design elements means there is no need for constant tweaking of multiple layers of images, backgrounds and copy. A sophisticated approach to minimalist design requires extra time to create the concept and then time is spent subtracting items until only the fundamental elements of the design remain.

A minimalist approach to hotel brochure design ensures the important content in your brochure stands out.  This design approach makes you focus on the information and design elements that really matter and generally takes less time to create. A minimalist approach also makes it easier to execute future changes if you need to update your brochures but keep the same design elements. You can save on expenses for development and redesigning since a minimalist design will likely age better than current trends that might fall out of fashion.

6 Things To Include In Your Hotel Brochures

  1. Include a Compelling Headline – Keep in mind that the top 3″ of your hotel brochures or rack cards is the space that will capture the attention of consumers. Make sure your designer understands to use colors that get attention. Use a bold font and the headline to sell the hotel experience while also including your hotel name or slogan.  
  2. Tell Guests Why They Should Stay at Your Hotel – The “why” in sales is one of the most important questions you need to answer.  Your short elevator pitch on your brochure can tell guests what your hotel does better than any others along with what your hotel offers that no other hotel has in the area. 
  3. Include Hotel Rates and Discounts – Brochures that offer a special rate compel people to hold onto them. Your brochure branding efforts should list the rates for different rooms along with any specials you provide guests. If these rates change depending on the time of year, consider including a QR code to a webpage that can be updated on a regular basis.  
  4. Include a Call to Action On Your Hotel Brochure – Having one or two calls-to-action is the most important piece of your marketing materials.  What do you want the customer to do next?  Do they need to go online to a certain webpage to book a discounted room?  Do they need to call the hotel to make a reservation?  Make sure the call to action is clear and does not require multiple steps to accomplish.
  5. Insert a Map Showing Your Location – Hotel brochures should include a map of your local area that shows different restaurants and attractions that can be found near the hotel.  This information is helpful and relevant to the travel experience of your guests.
  6. Include Images That Show Off Hotel Amenities/Benefits – At the end of the day, your hotel brochure has to entice guests to stay at your hotel. Include high resolution photos of the hotel from the front along with hotel amenities like the rooms, restaurants and pool. Guests should be able to get the hotel experience just by looking at your brochure. A view of the bathrooms, kitchenette, and any special hotel features are ideal to include in the brochure layout. 

Once you have your compelling hotel brochures designed and ready to print, Baldwin Printing can help you get your brochures printed and ready for distribution.


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