Improving a Winery’s Guest Experience with Print

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Improving a Winery’s Guest Experience with Print

When thinking about a winery what comes to mind?

Of course the wine itself, but what else? Most people think of a time they visited with friends, family or attended a specific event for a charity or some other cause.  Even more specifically they’ll remember distinct parts of the time that they were there. Specific moments that stood out.

What all of this has in common is the experience itself.

Improving the guest experience at your winery is the one thing that will ensure your guests enjoy themselves and have a memorable experience that they will share with others.

So how can you improve that experience?

While there are many ways to do this we are going to explore the ways you can improve the guest experience using print.

Use Direct Mail to Invite Guests to Winery Activities

Direct Mail has been a staple for wineries across the country, but the question is “Are you using Direct Mail to enhance the experience of your guests?”. From invitations to thank you’s and follow up mailers you can engage with your guests seamlessly providing an experience that is unforgettable.

Event Invitations

Where it all begins is inviting your guest to join you at the winery for an occasion.

We understand that there are so many different types of events that are held at the winery and this is why the invitation is so important. Making sure that the direct mail piece that goes out to your guest is themed and integrated to the specifics of the event will make a huge impact on your guest.

Invitations can be highly personalized as well.

As long as you have data on the household you can get very creative with personalization. Referring to the guest by name, inviting their family or to congratulate on their new home purchase, all of this type of data can be used to make your guest feel special and important.

It will also increase your response rate and event attendance.

These invitations can also be integrated with individualized event landing pages to create a comprehensive physical to digital engagement that will give you even more data to collect and personalize future guest experiences. By getting them to a landing page you’ll be able to retarget them in other ways which will give you even more visibility.

Thank You and Follow Up Mailers

The event itself doesn’t have to be where the engagement ends. By sending personalized thank you cards out to your guests it completes the event experience by acknowledging them through the entire journey beginning to end. Again your guest will feel very important and highly valued.

A number of good creative approaches can be employed on these thank you cards such as referencing moments that took place during the event as a reminder of an event highlight to recreate that feeling for the guest as they read the card, or include a memento in the mailer with the card to engage more of the senses to solidify the memory of that experience.

Follow-ups are a good way to simply stay in touch with your guest in between events to remind them that you care which will prime them to be more responsive to future event invitations. Additionally you can follow up with guests who didn’t end up attending the event. An example of this would be to express how much you missed them at the event and wished they could have joined, but to show gratitude that they even considered coming out here is a special gift. The gift could be a discount on wine, an invitation for a personal tour, or something else that would provide value to the guest.

Banners That Enhance Winery Events

Wineries have the ability to design a space that enhances the guest experience using a number of different environmental tactics including the use of displays and banners. Banners can be used as creative enhancements to provide a look and feel that matches the theme of the event or they can be used in a functional way that provides clarity to guests on where to go and what to do, which eliminates confusion providing effortless navigation throughout the event space.

Creative Banners

There are countless ways to use banners creatively to enhance the guest experience at winery events. Some are simple and more of an accent while others can be engaging and used as a compliment to the experience itself.

An example of a simple banner used to accent the space would be solid blocks of color that occlude sections of the space to create a more intimate environment. Compare that to a more engaging example where the banner could include historic figures tied to the event theme with small blurb about that person and their significance.

Functional Banners

These banners are used to ensure guests know where to go and what to do.

For example, if your event has stations or sections where specific activities are taking place banners can be used to map where guests should go to participate in each of the activities.

Alternatively you can use simple wayfinding banners that point the way. These are especially important at larger events where distances are farther and need more comprehensive guidance.

As for the winery itself, a great benefit to you when it comes to banners is that they are easy to install, simple to move into place and very affordable.

Winery Promotional Products

Merchandise or “swag” can significantly enhance the guest experience at your winery.

It’s a fact that everyone loves getting “things”, but you have the opportunity to make your event more enjoyable and memorable.

Two quick examples of promotional products that could be used at your event are interactive products that are engaged with throughout the event to generate social interaction and personalized moments or you could provide guests with customized products that are used during the event such as tasting glasses.

The more common use case for promo products is to provide winery guests with branded items that the event attendees can take home with them. Getting creative here to integrate the event theme will also enhance the guests’ experience as well as provide them with an artifact that can serve as a reminder of moments they experienced during the event. Making sure these keepsakes are premium and high quality will give your guests a feeling of importance and value.

Listed below are a handful of promotional products wineries use as giveaways and keepsakes

  • Imprinted Wooden Wine Stoppers
  • Custom Printed Wine Tote Bags
  • Branded Corkscrews 
  • Engraved Stainless Steel Wine tumbler
  • Branded Wine Charms

The goal is to create an amazing experience for your guests and by using these print specific inclusions at your events it is guaranteed that your guests will have the most memorable experience possible.

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