Custom Banners for Hotels – 3 Ways to Use Them Effectively

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Custom Banners for Hotels - 3 Ways to Use Them Effectively

Regardless of the type of hotel you’re working in, the guest expectation is the same, they want an inviting, pleasurable and “efficient” experience. This means not only giving them what they paid for (the room), but ensuring there are no issues with their stay and that the duration exceeds expectations.

One component of the guest experience that can achieve those goals is the using of banners and signs throughout your hotel. Executing this well will create that memorable experience as well as tie your brand to a very positive sentiment.

In this article we’ll share 3 ways you can use banners and signs in your hotel to improve the guest experience, increase brand engagement and add to your bottom line.    

Update Your Hotels Brand with Custom Banners and Signs

Depending on the location you’ll be using different types of banners and signs throughout your hotel and while that’s a decision best fit for you, it’s a big recommendation that these get updated at intervals which make sense based on their use case.

Many times hotels include branded messages or slogans that evoke a feeling to accentuate the guest experience or in many cases these are seasonal. This means that as your branding gets updated so should any banners or signs that are being used across the hotel or as the seasons change you can update them to match the seasonal look and feel.

Even signs as simple as wayfinding, meeting room names or wings of the hotel should be updated to stay modern and relevant. This will keep guests feeling comfortable and leaving them with only good things to say about their stay.

Increase Hotel Guest engagement with Interactive Banners

We as humans love to share things and this is no different when it comes to a hotel stay. Guests will share their experience across social media in a number of different ways, whether it be reviews, stories, posts or live streams, all of them are important to generating a positive sentiment towards your hotel and brand.

Some of the more popular banners and signs to use in your hotel for generating guest engagement and online interaction are:

  • Step and repeat banners or backdrops for guests to take selfies or family photos
  • Post hashtags on signs  throughout the hotel for guests to include in their posts
  • Include QR codes on your signs or banners to take guests online for engaging digitally

It’s small inclusions like these that can turn an average stay into an amazing experience.

Promote New Hotel Specials with Custom Banners and Signs

Banners and signs in your hotel can also be used to improve your bottom line through the promotion of upsells, add-ons, specials or future stays to generate incremental revenue. Successful hotels are very strategic in where, when and how they present this to guests. In most cases they are doing it in a way that either provides a feeling of exclusivity or something that is momentary and they just so happened to be there at the right time to take advantage of the deal.

Things like special offers, collaborations with local businesses or organizations, and seasonal experiences can all be promoted using custom banners and signs throughout the hotel. Ensuring there is a clear call to action on these banners is very important and if your hotel has high foot traffic, testing out different messages for these signs and banners will allow you to find the most effective messaging and placement to maximize your return.

We know there are many other ways banners and signs are being used across the U.S. but we hope that these 3 ideas will help you in creating a more memorable guest experience and help to improve your bottom line over time.

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