Do Wine Shelf Talkers Still Work?

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Do Wine Shelf Talkers Still Work?

Wine marketing is tough. Suppliers, liquor stores, and wholesalers struggle with a common question: how to get customers to purchase your wine instead of reaching for another bottle. Wine clubs, tastings, social media, and influencer marketing are standard – and beneficial – wine marketing methods, but they do little to move products on shelves. One method, mainly targeting this challenge, is wine shelftalkers

Shelftalkers, or “a cardboard, paper, or plastic advertisement of a product designed to be attached to a shelf on which the product is exhibited for sale,” are commonly used. However, are they beneficial and your most effective method to sell more? Read on to find out. 

What is the Goal of a Shelftalker

If someone isn’t drawn to your product, they won’t buy it. By taking the time to design and print high-quality wine shelftalkers that pop, you set your product up for both increased short and long-term sales. If a customer strolling down the store aisle buys your wine because of your wine shelftalker and unique messaging and likes it, they’re more likely to become a repeat customer in the future if the same wine marketing catches their eye in the future. 

Are Shelftalkers Effective

Business marketing studies show that compelling visuals (like shelftalkers) can increase messaging retention by almost 50%. Meaning, consumers are far more likely to remember your product when it’s accompanied by practical, eye-catching advertising. Design, content, and color all play a crucial role in creating a successful shelftalker. Supermarket News reports that 76% of all purchase decisions are made impulsively at the point of purchase: if you can’t catch consumers’ eyes quickly, you’ll lose their business – and your profit. 

5 Benefits of Effective Wine Marketing

If you aren’t currently utilizing shelftalkers in your wine marketing, here are five reasons you should start:

  1. Improve your product’s in-store visibility and gain increased consumer attention
  2. Encourage impulse or latent buying
  3. Define and preserve your brand recognition and designated shelf space
  4. Differentiate your products from competing wine brands
  5. Increase prospect and buyer confidence

Improving Your Shelftalker Effectiveness

If you know your wine marketing could use some work and are seeking ways to make your shelftalkers more effective, keep these tips in mind:

  • Stand Out From the Competition

When designing and printing your shelftalker, ask yourself, “would this shelftalker make me stop and buy this wine?” If the answer is NO, double-check your messaging, branding, color, and even shelf placement to ensure you’re doing everything you can to make your product pop.

  • Help Your Customers Out

The most profitable shelftalkers are intentionally designed to help customers down the buying process. Consider including QR codes opening digital coupons, similar wine recommendations, and more details to encourage potential buyers to buy into not just your product but your company, too.

The effectiveness of your wine marketing is up to you! With the right product, marketing, and printing partner to help produce high-quality, eye-catching shelftalkers, you’ll be better equipped to sell more.

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