Improving Guests’ Hotel Experience Using Printed Products

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Improving Hotel Guest Experience Using Printed Products

When visiting a new city and staying at a hotel, where do you turn for information? Hotel brochures provide invaluable resources for most tourists or travelers, including information, recommendations, and customer wishes; a key reason 97% of hotel hospitality staff consider visitor information to be either extremely important (82.1%) or very important in guaranteeing a positive experience for consumers.

The right printed products improve the guest experience by providing restaurant and tourist information, in-hotel food and room-service options, sports, shows, and even conference happenings. Utilizing printed materials is crucial to most hotels, but which materials are most beneficial to provide the correct information, further improving hotel guest experience? Let’s find out. 

What Works: Print Products that Improve Hotel Guest Experience Across the Hospitality Industry

94% of hotels provide guests with brochures, leaflets, and flyers as a simple, effective way to communicate valuable information. The Washington Post shares that over 60% of adult Americans experience stress or anxiety when asking for help. This is further exacerbated in new situations – like new cities and hotel lobbies. By clearly displaying brochures, booklets, and other materials in your welcome/reception area, you help guests feel comfortable and welcomed into your space without worry. 

Using Hotel Brochures Effectively

One way to help improve your guests’ stay is to provide printed brochures for your guests.  These brochures can help guide guests to local businesses, restaurants, or entertainment to make their stay more enjoyable. Even as digital accessibility increases, hospitality employees say that guests still look to the front desk for these brochures. 

Some common – and effective – hotel brochures to improve hotel guest experience include:

  • Hotel services and content numbers (room service, front desk, etc.)
  • Descriptions of and directions to attractions close by
  • Parking details (ramp information, valet, etc.)

The Hotel Door Hangers Visitors Want

“Do Not Disturb” or “Cleaning Request” door hangers are great communication aids to alert staff to the needs and wants of the guest staying in that room. Specialized hotel door hangers can also help the staff. For example, pet-friendly hotels might benefit from “Dog in Room” door hangers, and specific markers can indicate a desire to have additional services provided.  

Helping Your Guests With Printed Maps and Guides

Printed maps and guides can be especially important in the resort niche of the hospitality industry. Maps and directions to help your guests know the layout of your resort, the town or area surrounding the resort, and other popular amenities that help them feel comfortable exploring their temporary home. 

In-Room Publications and Branded Magazines

In-room publications or magazines are another great way to improve the guest experience. Information like included hotel amenities, other possible locations, and hotel history increases consumer knowledge and solidify brand awareness, making the visitor more likely to support your hotel on the road. 

Need more ideas to improve your hotel-related printed products? We’re here to help!

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