Wine Label Design Tips

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August 31, 2021
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September 30, 2021

Wine Label Design Tips

Your wine label design can make or break a sale. So what exactly are consumers looking for when it comes to buying wine?  Well it turns out, buyers are four times more likely to purchase a wine based on the label design.  They are looking for labels with personality and originality.  So when it comes to designing your custom wine label, keep these four tips in mind. 

Four Ways to Make your Custom Wine Label stand out

When it comes to custom wine label design, your options are nearly endless. From foil stamping labels, to graphic labels, and type and color schemes ranging from elegant and subdued to colorful and bold. Below we are exploring the top four ways to make your wine jump off the shelf and into your customers shopping cart. 

  • Keep Consumers in Mind

The consumers who enjoy your wine are your biggest inspiration when it comes to wine label design. Why do wine drinkers enjoy your brand? How do consumers feel when they see your wine on the shelf? These types of personalizations help create custom wine labels that reflect not only your brand, but your supporters. 

  • Color, Style and Imagery Tips

The color, style, and imagery of your custom wine labels give potential buyers a hint of what they might experience while enjoying your wine. What “mood” does your wine and wine label design convey? Is it dark and moody, or light and free? As you start designing your next label, ask these questions to make sure it accurately reflects the wine inself.

  • Embossing and Foil

Embossing, embellishing, and foil stamping labels  adds a welcomed layer of complexity to your label that can set your wine apart from others on the shelf. Whether you’re adding a tactile experience, a touch of embellishment, or the elegant glind of a foil finish, these small touches make a big difference when it comes to catching buyers’ eyes. 

  • Materials & Production

The materials and finish of your label, and how it’s produced, also play a key in a successful wine label design. When considering a wine label printer, take the time to ask about their coatings, lamination options, and finishes to ensure you get your desired end result. 

Whether you want a simple custom wine label, or one with bold colors and a complex foil design, we can help! Send us your design file today to get started. 

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