Increase Response Rates for Hospitality Direct Mail

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Wine Label Design Tips
September 15, 2021
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Increase Response Rates for Hospitality Direct Mail

When you feel valued and seen in a conversation, are you more likely to respond respectfully and offer help or advice to the person you’re interacting with? The simple “yes” to this question can be helpful when considering ways of increasing direct mail response rates. You appreciate acknowledgement and care? Your target audience does, too.

Personalized direct mail – like that listing a customer’s name in full-color – receives a 135% increase in response rates, and nearly 40% of millenials look forward to checking their mail each day. Capitalizing on these statistics is key to getting the direct mail response rates you want. In order to get there, though, it’s time to take your hospitality mail to the next level.

Make Hospitality Mail Personal Again

Personalized direct mail with variable data, which uses available information to help you target a specific audience or area, complete with names and addresses, makes recipients feel valued. This sense of connection makes them more likely to help improve your direct mail response rates. Here’s two tips to help improve the hospitality mail for your next campaign.

  • Keep it short and sweet
    Hospitality mail is over 60% shorter than it was in 2000, making it faster and more convenient for consumers to digest your content. Personalized direct mail asks consumers to help you. The simpler your hospitality mail, and the easier you make it for them to respond, the more likely they are to help.
  • Add a sense of urgency
    FOMO (the fear of missing out) is real – and no one likes to feel like they let an opportunity pass them by. Adding deadlines to your personalized direct mail, like “48-hours only” or “only 10 spots available” helps motivate recipients of your hospitality to take quick action with their response.

Utilize Digital Integrations by Including a QR Code

Integrating digital media with hospitality mail is becoming increasingly common. Both the rise of QR code menu codes during COVID-19 and the continued integration of new technologies contribute to the change. With nearly every American carrying a smartphone, implementing these digital additions to your next direct mail campaign makes it easy and familiar for consumers to respond and improve your direct mail response rates by:

  • Keeping consumer attention
    • Use the right size QR code to avoid blocking important text or dominating the design of your hospitality mail
    • Help consumers out by sharing why they should scan the code, and how to do it
    • Optimize for mobile to avoid losing visitors who do scan the code on a mobile device and will be browsing your site on that same phone
  • Tracking ROI
    An obvious benefit of QR codes is their tracking ability. Seeing who is scanning your code, and where, can help target specific locations or highlight demographic and neighborhood responses rates.
  • Driving clicks  
    Since QR codes are most useful for improving geographic-based direct mail response rates,  they’re ideal for encouraging hospitality mail recipients to visit location-specific landing and website pages. If you’re running a sale at a certain store, or targeting a particular neighborhood to check out an opening location, QR codes help encourage visits to that page.
  • Encouraging online involvement 
    If you’re adding a QR code to your hospitality mail, letting consumers respond digitally will help minimize bounce rates and keep direct mail response rates high.

Want more tips to improve your direct mail response rates? Check out our direct mail services page.

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