Beverage and Beer Label Design Tips

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Five Tips For Effective Beverage & Beer Label Design

There are over 100 distinct styles of beer and countless brands and beer labels crafting brews in those categories. As a result, consumers’ options are limitless. So how can you stand out among the litany of other brands? Your packaging is a critical differentiator between products: Your beer label design can influence buyers to reach for your brew or be glossed over in favor of your competitors. 

Making your beer or beverage label stand out is key to winning increased sales and repeat customers. Whether you utilize bright colors, witty humor, local flair, or upscale finishes, your labels should scream YOU on a bottle and be tailored to attract your ideal consumer. 

Five Tips for Designing Beverage Labels

Are your beverages flying off the shelf? If not, check out these five tips to elevate your beverage and beer label design, so yours is the first bottle they grab.

  1. Focus on Your Brand Identity
    What demographic is your target audience? What popular culture influences and icons resonate with them? What advertising style will reach them most effectively? Who influences their buying decisions? Where do you want your brand to be in five years? These questions help your brand find the personality and voice that should be communicated by your beer label design.
  2. Use Standout Color & Imagery
    Colors and images are key components of every beer label, and your new best friend when it comes to differentiating your brand. Luckily, creating a distinctive and colorful logo is an enjoyable aspect of the beer label design process. Comb through your collateral to get inspiration for the colors and imagery (this is the most important, as your bottle image is the first thing they’ll see!) that will create a standout beer label.
  3. Make Typography Work For You
    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? The look, feel, and finish of the typography on your beer label can also help set it apart. Whether you’re considering embossed, opaque, matte, or glossy typography, carefully consider your beer label’s desired end results and its desired audience to make sure buyers are in love with your beer – even before they take a sip.
  4. Materials Matter
    The material and finish of your beer labels are crucial too. As a warm bottle sits in the sun, condensation forms! Not using the right paper or underestimating the power of new beer label printing trends, like clear labeling, can leave you swinging behind the ball. Trying new materials, like metallic effects, that can give your label a touch of class or rustic charm or textural features, such as embossing and stamping, can add a premium feel.
  5. Play Around With Packaging
    Twelve-packs aren’t the only way to sell beer and get your beer label design in front of more potential buyers’ eyes. Depending on your target consumer, consider 6-packs, individual beer, or build-your-own packaging options to expand your potential and keep beer drinkers everywhere coming back for more.

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