How To Use Custom Printed Stickers to Sell More Wine

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Using Custom Printed Stickers to Sell More Wine

Award-winning wine is an easy sell, but what if we told you that one simple change could increase your sales by up to nearly 500%? Research shows that wine stickers advertising great value, IWC, gold, silver, bronze, and other medal-winning wines boost specific wine sales dramatically. In addition, custom decals are easily customizable, affordable, and veritable: Consider adding customized stickers to your wine bottles and on the packaging to influence buyer purchasing habits. 

But, how can you optimize them? By highlighting your wine’s accolades, adding them to your creative branding collateral, or inspiring action, branded wine stickers can give your brand a much-needed boost (in demand, too!). 

Use Stickers to Brag About Your Wine

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal stickers indicate wines that multiple wine experts have highly scored. Like an athletic event with a ranking podium, the top wine receives a Gold award. These award-winning wines (indicated by custom printed stickers) are scored at three levels, and sharing these results can show superior and high-selling wines. Wine stickers can also add other value too, like highlighting the region your wine is from, an award or achievement it’s earned, or if it’s a top employee pick.

Use Custom Decals to Inspire Action

For years, marketers thought that call to action prompts and materials were too blatant and “salesy” to be successful. However, this mentality has changed. Shoppers seeking a nice glass of wine are faced with aisles of options at their local grocery or liquor store: a simple “try me!” or “STOP – meet your next wine!” stickers help set your product apart and make consumers more likely to choose your brand.

Optimize Your Branding with Wine Stickers

Custom printed stickers advertising your wines and larger brands offer nearly endless promotional potential. If you’re not already handing out custom decals at wine tastings, selling them with your other branded merchandise, sticking them on company vehicles and surfaces, and including them as free gifts with purchases, you might be missing out on a key opportunity to connect with your customers and promote your wines. 

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