Is Your Printer HIPAA Compliant? – 4 Reasons You Should Care

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Is Your Printer HIPAA Compliant? - 4 Reasons You Should Care

Significant HIPAA violation cases were settled in 2020, resulting in millions of dollars in settlements – more than any other year since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) became actively enforced. The reason for many of these settlement fines; Non-HIPAA compliant printing.

A necessity for any organization handling personal information related to the identity and health of an individual, HIPAA compliance is most crucial to the medical and healthcare industries which manage large amounts of personal data. Whether using direct mail, personal health statements, or bills containing personal information, patient privacy must be maintained. 

Working with a HIPAA-complaint printing partner for your healthcare or hospital printing needs has a number of benefits, including expertise, additional certifications, increased data protection, and more efficient workflows. 

4 Ways HIPAA Compliant Print Benefits Your Company

Whatever niche of the healthcare industry you work in, taking risks with sensitive client information is dangerous – and never worth the cost. This makes it all the more vital to know and trust that your printer can securely print, assemble, and mail your clients’ information. Working with a HIPAA compliant printer means that they know and understand what it takes to handle sensitive data, and are up for the task.

Let’s dive into four ways your business’s healthcare printing can benefit from partnering with a HIPAA compliant printer.

  1. Latest HIPAA Expertise
    HIPAA regulations receive regular updates, failure to understand or adopt changes can unintentionally lead to violations. Having an up-to-date HIPAA printing partner provides a built-in safeguard, and another set of eyes to make sure your HIPAA practices are in line with the current standard.
  2. Third-Party Certification
    It’s not uncommon for a printer specializing in healthcare and hospital printing to hire independent, third-party experts to verify their HIPAA compliance. This step offers additional peace of mind concerning compliance standards.
  3. HIPAA Compliant Data Security
    Identity theft due to HIPAA breaches costs billions each year—far more than the settlements account for—affecting countless people. A HIPAA compliant printer uses the latest technology to protect patient information, building trust between not only them and you, or the healthcare provider/company you’re associated with, but between you and your patients, too.
  4. Full workflow transparency
    From data formatting to printing, and even mail inserting, maintaining transparency at all workflow processes is crucial because of the regulations around HIPAA compliance. While tracking on the printer’s part is vital, staying on the same page and maintaining good communication further ensures excellence.

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