Three ways to use print marketing at your healthcare facility

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Three ways to use print marketing at your care facility

Print media is still a highly-relevant healthcare marketing tool. Though often overlooked by digitized hospital marketing techniques, a study by MarketingProfs showed that print ads are not only easily digested publicly but that consumers trust print ads 34% more than search engine ads.  

This study shows that hospital printing is more valuable than ever—especially with many hospital marking teams moving away from the effective tool—as its tangible effects create a unique advantage. Healthcare Print campaigns are more likely to be noticed, build up your facility’s credibility as a healthcare provider, and convey important information better than digital campaigns. Let’s take a deeper dive into these three advantages below.

1. Print Campaigns are more likely to be noticed

A good email open rate is 20%, and a standard click-through rate is around 3%: This is a far cry from traditionally higher mailer open rates. According to research, 90% of people check their mail daily, and 70% of mail is opened compared to emails or other digital efforts. Billboards, posters, and other large-format print options are ideal for hospital printing for precisely that reason!

When considering a print marketing campaign for your healthcare facility, consider using mailers, billboards, brochures, and promotional products branded with the same messaging to optimize your effectiveness.  This keeps your facility top of mind the next time someone from your local community needs healthcare services.  

2. Hospital Print Marketing boosts your credibility as a provider

Printed booklets and brochures that advertise time-sensitive or otherwise critical health information establish your facility as the experts in healthcare and boost public credibility.  Connecting to a broader audience helps dispel healthcare myths. A well-placed print advertisement is memorable and effective.  

The key to an effective print ad is quality. Sharp imagery, well-designed visuals, and the correct font choice work together to build trustworthiness and credibility for your healthcare facility.  Blurry images, misspelled words, and cluttered ads will do the opposite! Make sure to also keep your messaging clear and concise. 

3. Print Marketing conveys important information better

Not only do printed materials appeal to a wide audience and hold attention better than digital ads, but studies show people absorb print information better as well. Since people take in and retain information better in-person, hospital printing like waiting room large-print posters, relevant healthcare information, table-side brochures, or even provider business cards are well worth the investment. Plus, since consumers can take printed materials with them when they leave, you gain natural disbursement advantages and credible free advertisers from your already-advocates – your patients!

Hospital Print Marketing can still have a huge impact on your bottom line; contact us today to start discussing how we can help make your hospital printing even more profitable.

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